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Most people in the UK have become more aware of floods and the risks in recent years – not much time seems to pass without a high profile flood event affecting people´s homes and businesses.

So what can you do to protect yourself ?

Fortunately there are many sources of information and organisations that can help you prepare.

What types of flooding may affect my business ?

There are various sources of flooding that could affect you :

  • -Surface water flooding
  • -Ground water flooding
  • -River flooding
  • -Coastal and tidal flooding
  • -Reservoir or dam failure
  • -Burst or damaged water mains
  • -Sewer flooding

Find out what the risk to your home or business is

Checking the immediate risk

Ensure you get warnings and alerts

We´re fortunate with modern technology and resources there are a number of ways to get warnings, alerts and updates for flooding that may affect you. Here are various links for England and the rest of the UK where you can get warnings, updates and alerts :



(Don´t forget that local radio and TV stations will also cover these events)

Protecting your business against floods

  • -Prepare a flood plan
  • -Prepare an emergency kit with things like radio, torches, medical kit, waterproofs
  • -Flood defences
  • -Insurance
  • -Train all staff

What to do in the event of a flood

  • -Fill containers with fresh water
  • -Turn off all gas, electricity and water supplies and
  • -Avoid touching any sources of electricity whilst in contact with water
  • -Place important and
  • -Keep listening to local radio for updates or call the Environment Agency Floodline on 0845 988 1188

Getting help during a flood

If you are danger – call the emergency services on 999

Additional resources and information