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Hardy Services have a full livery of 4X4 vehicles

All terrain and 4×4 vehicles no problem

Hardy Services have a full livery of 4X4 vehicles, This allows us to undertake all manner of works in almost any landscape. From wet, muddy fields to the highest Cumbria snowy peak Hardy Services can facilitate your project.

This picture was taken at Kendal WwTW and as you can see the weather was cold and icy. We used our 4×4 vehicles to bring almost 100 Tonnes of aggregate to site and install new tank bunds around the large filter tanks. Our vehicles allow us to make the most undesirable location a reality for most projects.

We have held our AMS framework for well over 15 years, our technical knowledge in the water and waste water sector is extensive. If you require any M.E.I.C.A or Minor Civil Engineering packages, please give us a call.