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All Saints Church, Hindley, Wigan.

Hardy Services were asked to provide a full weather encapsulation scaffold around the church which was to provide a working lift at eaves and above for masonry works to the gables and roofing works .

The scaffold was erected as to not bear any weight on the low level flat roofs which were at the east gable, this meant a trussed out beam arrangement had to be implemented, which in turn supported the main beam span that was to traverse the main part of the roof. A free standing gantry scaffold was erected to aid the contractor with the disposal and re-delivery of the roof components. The entire scaffold that came to ground was encased by a 5m high, galvanised tin sheet hoarding for security.

Following the completion of the perimeter scaffold, a UBIX temporary roof system was deployed to cover the whole of the church and surrounding scaffold, this was then supplemented with 2.2m monaflex sheeting being installed to the full perimeter of the scaffold which, along with the sheeting on the roof structure, provided the necessary weather and debris protection that was vital for the contractor to complete their works with in programme.

The scaffold was erected and then standing for 12 weeks during the very high winds and rain at the start of 2014, we did not receive a single phone call with regards to any wind damage or water ingress during these storms.  A testament to the high quality workmanship that went in to the scaffold erection.

Scaffolding Design PDF

The works were carried out for Lloyd and Smith Ltd, a specialist historical restoration contractor.