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Canter levered hanging scaffold

Hardy Services were asked to provide a fully an access scaffold to the full external façade of the listed ornamental bridge, which had been vandalised and was in a poor state of repair. This structure was also to incorporate full boarded access to the underside of the arch to allow inspection and repair, following commissioning of a full design package.

The scaffold was erected to facilitate working platforms to both sides of the bridge from water level to balustrade and to the underside of the bridge to inspect the arch. A heavy duty lifting frame was also to be incorporated into the structure to enable rebidding of the massive stones used at the ends of the balustrade.

The age and nature of the bridge, in conjunction with the location was to provide an ‘interesting’ mix of problems. First of all the bridge was located across a farmer’s field, inside a small wooded area, which was approximately 1000 metres from the nearest access point of traditional vehicles. A scheme was put together which meant the deployment of a 4×4 Landover with a flatbed and an all-terrain forklift truck.

With materials now delivered to the work face, the complex scaffold could now be constructed. This was to entail a heavy duty ‘horse’ being erected across the top of the bridge, from which 40 beams were used to span out across the water below. With work being carried out all from above the fishing lake, the access scaffold itself was erected from the top down. Utilising yet more beams just above the water level, the two adjacent scaffolds were then linked together below the structure and the scaffold was completed with a steeped boarded matt 2 metres below the arch bridge.

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