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Protective coatings

Protective coating can be implemented for a number of reasons depending on what you are trying to avoid. For some people, there is a worry of corrosion and so epoxy- and polyurethane-based coatings are placed which control the corrosive agent and helps to avoid corrosion. For other people there may be a worry of water ingress and so a protective coating is applied to avoid this.

Some other reasons for protective coating are:

• Applying anti carbonation coatings in order to preserve fortified concrete
• Applying polyurethane-based coatings for movement accommodation, chemical resistance and waterproofing
• Applying epoxy resin based coatings onto concrete to create a high chemical resistance
• Applying elastomeric systems to cover damaged or dynamically moving substrates

Depending on the surrounding environment and the service requirements, there are a range of different material systems which can be applied as a protective coating, these include:

• Mineral Silicates
• Water based co-polymers
• Epoxies
• Polyurethanes
• Cementitious

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