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Glass Wall Installation

Glass Wall flood defence system is used where permanent flood protection is required but where the visual impact of a traditional flood defence wall is not suitable for the surrounding area. The system has been used extensively throughout Europe with individual panel lengths in excess of 3m and heights in excess of 2m. Hardy Services are extremely experience in carrying out the bespoke installation needed for such products, and can be seen from our projects.


The flood glazing panes are surrounded on four sides by extruded sections of aluminium with a profiled EPDM seal (similar to that seen in double glazing units). The finished aluminium framed glass panel sits in an aluminium post at each end and is allowed to float between the two to allow for construction tolerances, expansion and contraction. For long spans of flood glass, posts are (ideally) equally spaced along the length of the flood defence wall to maintain a consistent glass panel length and improve the aesthetics of the system. Centre posts for the glass flood defence system are anchored internally, which ensures that IBS flood glass is as streamlined as possible and provides the client with a ‘cleaner’ finish than that of a steel system with external bolts and stiffeners.

We have been preferred flood defence installers for well over 10 years, our technical knowledge in this sector is extensive. If you require any flood defence packages, please give us a call.



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