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Clean Water

Hardy Services have the in-house capability to carry out the full range of our services within the potable/wholesome water industry.

Working under the principles of water supply hygiene document and the associated technical guidance notes, Hardy Services can offer all manner of mechanical, civil and electrical engineering works within water treatment plants, service reservoirs and network installation.

Potable water refers to any supply of water that has been made fit for human consumption by means of a safe and reliable treatment process.

Although there are instances where water may be found naturally pure enough to drink such as spring water, there are several situations where mechanical or chemical treatment may be required in order to eliminate and remove dangerous toxins and harmful bacteria which may be present in a contaminated supply.

Hardy services operatives are fully accredited on the EUSR National Water Hygiene scheme and hold current Utility SHEA Passports.

All materials utilised in these projects will be deemed suitable under Reg 31 of the Water Supply, Water Quality Regulations 2000 enabling the projects to be carried out with minimal risk of contaminating the public water supply.

Hardy Services also offer full training to operatives who require access to work in restricted operations for more info please visit the Training section of our website.

We have held our WRS framework for 10+ years, our technical knowledge in clean water sector is extensive. If you require any engineering packages, please give us a call.


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