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Waste Water & Sewage

Hardy services offer a full range of disciplines suitable for working on the sewage treatment plants. With experience in all manner of sewage treatment techniques, Hardy Services can carry out works including but not limited to installation of sewage screening equipment, sludge handling and transfer systems, full pumping and control systems including level monitoring and SCADA implementation

Before any waste water & sewage can be reintroduced to local rivers and nearby natural drainage systems, it needs to be decontaminated safely and efficiently using effective processing solutions in order to eliminate or significantly reduce any potentially harmful threats posed to the local environment.

Our dedicated team of waste water and sewage experts are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of waste water management with many years of practical experience involving the most appropriate treatment methods for domestic, agricultural and industrial waste water processing and removal.

Working within the sewage treatment and handling sector poses various risks the health and wellbeing of our operatives; therefore all operatives are made fully aware of the specific hazards associated with working in and around sewage treatment plants

All operatives carry EUSR Utility SHEA Water Accreditation

We have held our AMS framework for well over 15 years, our technical knowledge in the water and waste water sector is extensive. If you require any M.E.I.C.A or Minor Civil Engineering packages, please give us a call.


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